ChatGPT: Harry’s Lost Grandfather

Notes: The following story was auto-generated by ChatGPT. I post it here as my admiration for the advancement of AI technology. I don’t have any copyright of this story, and neither should you.

Harry Potter had always known that he was an orphan, but he had never questioned his past. He had always assumed that his parents were just ordinary people, and that he had no other family. But everything changed on the day that Harry discovered a mysterious letter in his pocket.

The letter was addressed to him, and it had been sealed with a wax stamp that bore the crest of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Harry was confused, but he knew that he had to open the letter and find out what it said.

As he read the letter, his eyes widened in shock. The letter explained that Harry was not an orphan at all, but that he was the grandson of the most famous wizard in the world: Albus Dumbledore.

Harry couldn’t believe it. He had always looked up to Dumbledore as a mentor and friend, but he had never suspected that they were related. But the letter made it clear: Dumbledore was his long-lost grandfather.

Overwhelmed by the news, Harry set out to find Dumbledore and learn more about his family history. He traveled to Hogwarts, where he found Dumbledore in his office, surrounded by a pile of books and scrolls.

Dumbledore was surprised to see Harry, but he quickly realized what had happened. He explained that Harry’s parents had been powerful wizards, but that they had been killed by the dark wizard Voldemort when Harry was just a baby. Dumbledore had taken Harry in and raised him as his own, but he had never told Harry the truth about his past.

Harry was angry and confused, but Dumbledore assured him that he had only kept the truth from him to protect him. Harry eventually forgave Dumbledore, and the two of them began to rebuild their relationship as grandfather and grandson.

As the years passed, Harry learned more about his parents and his family history. He also continued to fight against Voldemort and his evil followers, knowing that his parents would have been proud of the man he had become. And through it all, Dumbledore was always there to guide and support him, just as a loving grandfather should.

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